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June 12th
11:00 AWST

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Twelve Very Special Presentations from Twelve of Positive Schools

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DAY ONE - Positive Schools 2020 - the precious things we have lost and found

Dr Helen Street, Chair of Positive Schools, Founder of Contextual Wellbeing and Best-selling Author

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has had a devastating impact around the world. Yet, the restrictions of recent months have also provided us with an extraordinary opportunity to better understand our Contextual Wellbeing. What did you feel you had lost when the school gates closed? What did you gain? How will you move forward well?


DAY TWO - Good Stress Versus Bad Stress

Dr Jared Cooney-Horvath, Director of LME Global, Neuroscientist and Best-selling Author

Sometimes it boosts our performance; sometimes it hinders our performance. What's going on with stress!? During this fun session, we'll dive into the mechanism of stress and explore how the very same chemicals can be alternately beneficial and detrimental. In addition, we'll consider how to leverage these processes for the classroom and beyond.

DAY THREE - Fostering a Sense of C.A.L.M.

Justin Robinson & David Bott, Directors, Geelong Grammar School Institute of Positive Education

During these difficult and challenging times, it is important for us to foster a sense of calm. This is important for school leaders, teachers, parents and students so as to optimise performance and enable effective decision making. During this presentation, reasons for our feelings of ‘unCALM’ will be discussed and then proactive strategies shared to minimise these feelings and promote a sense of C.A.L.M. (Connect. Accept. Learn. Me). We hope this conversation will be hopeful and helpful for anyone currently involved in educating young people.


DAY FOUR - Raising Resilient Kids in the Coronavirus Era 

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Best-selling Author and Presenter

The spread of the coronavirus has turned life upside down, almost overnight, for millions of people around the world. Being a young person is complicated even without a global pandemic in the mix, and many adults are struggling to navigate the new reality of remote schoolwork, lots of family time, and a ton of uncertainty about what happens next. This fifteen-minute presentation provides practical, evidence-based strategies on what to say and what to do in these challenging times and includes information on managing home schooling and self-care.


DAY FIVE - Caught in the Chaos:  Increasing Teacher Wellbeing when Facing Workplace Pressures, Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Stress

Dr Tom Brunzell, Director of Education at Berry Street

Covid-19 has impacted every member within our community. This session addresses the need to support teachers’ own wellbeing literacy, particularly as teachers now encounter daily moments and ongoing presentations of vicarious stress, compassion fatigue and burnout—particularly for teachers who educate and care for students with complex, unmet needs in communities of systemic educational inequity. This session will introduce helpful terms to ground teachers in trauma-informed positive education practice and suggest strategies to assist their journey as they continue to educate students both through distance and on-site learning on campus.

DAY SIX - Managing Stress at Work

Sabina Read, Psychologist, Media Commentator, Speaker, Facilitator

As the return to school cogs start to crank up, we need to look after our relationships in the workplace too. Sabina will introduce 7 evidence-based strategies to help educators to develop and hone relational and communication skills while they navigate existing and new challenges within the workplace. Each of the strategies will help individuals and teams to build, repair and strengthen relationships, both professionally, and personally. The content is designed as a catalyst to invite viewers to reflect on their workplace relationships and choose which small changes they can implement often, to create powerful relational change both individually and on an organisational level; and in the process to build higher levels of well-being. 


DAY SEVEN - Slow is the Way to Go

Maggie Dent, Parenting Expert, Educator and Best-selling Author

As our usual way of life recently came to an abrupt halt during the pandemic lockdown, we have all had cause to reflect on how we do things and what really matters. This is even true of those among us who've continued to be really busy, attempting to work in whole new ways to adapt as required. So what have we learnt from this pause? Parenting author and former teacher Maggie Dent shares her views on the real power of slowing down even when the world is speeding up, and how important it is to rebuild and recover from this pandemic embrace the true spirit of resilience.


DAY EIGHT - Slowing Down in a VUCA World

Leonie Abbott, Assistant Director, Education at Berry Street

Leonie Abbott reflects on the need to de-escalate our individual stress response and invites us to slow down. She introduces research into trauma-aware practices including mindfulness, resilience, gratitude and self-compassion. Leonie’s message is optimistic and provides some simple strategies we can implement immediately.


DAY NINE - How to Create an Academic Surge in a Time Of Uncertainty

Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist, Presenter and Best-selling Author

In this presentation Andrew will address: the different stages of a learning day; why concentration matters and how to make it work; the three big factors any parent can promote that build long -term success for their children; increasing motivation and; what is not worth worrying about.


DAY TEN - Supporting Family Wellbeing in the Wake of COVID-19

Professor Matt Sanders, Director of the Parenting and Family Support Centre, University of Queensland


DAY ELEVEN - From Homer’s Iliad to Homer Simpson; The West is Crying out for Stories that Feed the Soul

Rev Richard Pengelley, Positive Schools Host and Chaplain, St Mary’s College, Perth

Open with the words, “Once upon a time”, to any group of people of any age and you will have their attention. From the way our brains are wired to the way we make sense of the world, stories feed us in a way that transcends factual data. In this presentation I will draw on my experiences as a parent and grandparent reading to loved ones; as a priest, using ancient myth to make meaning in a modern world; and as a service learning facilitator guiding debrief sessions into stories to make sense out of poverty and suffering, and now, out of COVID-19.

DAY TWELVE - A Talk of Inspiration

Tracey Spicer AM, Walkley Award Winning Journalist and Advocate

During her 30 years in the Australian media, Tracey Spicer AM has seen it all. What many don't know is that the news presenter and journalist had to overcome crippling anxiety, after an embarrassing on-air incident in front of 250,000 people. In this talk, she shares strategies, tactics and techniques for managing these difficult times, in which even the strongest can feel unmoored.




The twelve Days of Positive Schools video series brings together some of Australia’s best loved education and mental health experts. Each presenter is a valued and highly respected members of the Positive Schools community. Each specially recorded presentation offers support, guidance and inspiration to educators and their families as we move forward in 2020 and beyond.

In honor of The Positive Schools 2020 conferences which were originally scheduled to take place from Wednesday to Friday over four weeks in May and June of this year, we will launch each presentation from Wednesday to Friday for four weeks from Wednesday May 20th to Friday June 12th.

All talks will be accessible to registered individuals until the end of June 2020.

June 12th
11:00 AWST